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Round 36: Bierstadt Lagerhaus

A conversation with Ashleigh Carter of Bierstadt Lagerhaus. We talk Slow Pour Pils, the Reinheitsgebot, beer clean glassware, and blue raspberries. Check out Bierstadt Lagerhaus:

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Round 35: Fox Tale Fermentation Project

A conversation with Fox Tale co-founder Felipe Bravo. Felipe applies his engineering background to craft beer to maximize efficiency, and his partner Wendy brings a professional yet creative approach...

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Round 34: Hella Coastal Brewing Co (Part 2)

Part 2 of my conversation with Chaz and Mario, cofounders of Hella Coastal Brewing Co in Oakland, CA. We talk about what it means for them to be the...

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Round 34: Hella Coastal Brewing Co

I talk with Chaz and Mario, co-founders of Hella Coastal Brewing Co out of Oakland, CA. As the only Black-owned brewery in Oakland, Hella Coastal is setting the example...

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Round 33: Culture Brewing Co

Culture Brewing head brewer Addison Poth joins me to talk hops, surviving the pandemic, and brewing by the beach. Check out Culture:

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Round 32: Whiskey Del Bac

Whiskey Del Bac founder Stephen Paul and head distiller Veronica Townsend join me to talk American single malt whiskey, what that means, and their mesquite-fueled spin on the style....

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